Saturday, September 26, 2009


Good morning! It's another beautiful one. Oh, I love these days that are so fall-like. Crisp, sunny....I mean really, who doesn't? What's not to like? Just for the record, even tho the calendar says it's fall, I have not put out my fall decorations or Autumn Walk scented candle. Nope. The ceramic pumpkins, pitcher filled with autumn leaves, and pumpkin wall hanging have to wait until the calendar turns over to October 1. That's the rule.

I have been busy quilting. And reading. It's a wonder my eyes can focus this morning. Yesterday afternoon I made 76---count 'em---76 flying geese units. Made and squared up. The rest of the schnibble challenge should go together quickly...which is the whole point about schnibbles. The finished product will be about 38" square, I believe, so I'm thinking it will make a table topper...or hang on some small wall space.

Sat up til 11:30 to finish "The Castaways." It was okay....I just wanted to be done with it and on to "The Lacemakers of Glenmara."

Michael working again this weekend. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful he's getting in some overtime. But since next weekend is the Ocean Shores quilt show, I'm hoping he'll be around....or it will be a hasty trip after church Sunday.

Speaking of church....we're thinking of finding a new one. Last weekend we attended a different one, and really liked the service. Which is our main complaint about our current church. Is that enough to make you seek out a new church? Just because you don't like the way the preacher .... preaches? We love the people...we've been there 11 years. I am their sec/treasurer. Michael is an usher. We fit in, we're so comfortable there, I enjoy my work there and feel the Lord is using me...but spiritually, something is lacking. If you find yourself planning your grocery list during the middle of the sermon, isn't something wrong? Is it with ME? Hmmmm. So we're going to look around...visit a few churches and test the waters. I gave a heads up to our deacon board chair, told him that we were looking, and told him why. I think he was stunned...leaving without saying a whole lot. But when I saw him yesterday, I got the whole spiel of how they don't want to lose me (of course they don't....they'd have to find a whole new person to do what I do...for free). He was stressed....depressed...and said he'd have a talk with the pastor on Monday, not wanting to get him riled up before he had to preach on Sunday. I know the pastor....he will not take kindly to criticism. And why should he be asked to change his methods on my account? The congregation is actually growing...strange to me, but true. I guess we all want different things...and so shouldn't we go seeking what we need? I'm praying about it, of course.

Time for shower...breakfast...and sewing on that schnibble. Have a great day!

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We will get photos of the finished work I hope? Take your camera to the quilt show just in case something spectacular needs sharing.*grin*
I'm not a church goer but my one sister is and I recall how dissatisfied she became with one minister who never seemed to reach her in his sermons.
.."If you find yourself planning your grocery list during the middle of the sermon, isn't something wrong?" I'd guess YES