Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oh, my gosh....I was feeling so invincible. Pain free for days, I had wine with my dinner the other night. And dinner was pizza. I took Prelief with the wine as a precaution. It wasn't enough. Yesterday, late afternoon, and my bladder was in agony. It felt for all the world like I had a bladder infection, but I know it is just my carelessness catching up with me.

Did I mention that when I saw the urologist back in September she confirmed that I did have IC? Interstitial cystitis. A chronic inflamation of the inner lining of the bladder. No cure....but if I don't eat anything with citric acid, caffeine, or oxylates, I should do pretty good. So...no coffee, no tea, no wine or alcohol, no chocolate, no fruits, no tomatoes, and on and on and on. I can have meat, fish, poultry....but don't put anything on them! Fortunately, I don't think my condition is as bad as some, and I AM allowed to take a Uristat or AZO every day to help with any discomfort. But I may have to cancel my membership to the Westport Winery's wine club.

Hey....did you notice that it's fall? That this week has been filled with sunny, crisp mornings? Oh joy! I feel so invigorated! I'm working on quilt projects...doing my pilates...cooking labor-intensive meals...I just come alive this time of year. Too bad it's so short-lived.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have one gift bought and that's it. With the economy the way it is....and still not knowing when the final shoe will drop....I think this might be the year to be really cautious with our spending. Michael and I never really go crazy with the shopping for each other anyway, but I think we'll just exchange small gift certificates this year....his for Cabelas, and mine for the Fat Quarter Shop. We all have much more than we NEED anyway...right? Right!

I cleaned out my fabric stash last week, sending two boxes to a church that makes "charity" quilts for various organizations in town. I've always meant to do that myself (make the quilts), but my good intentions often get side-tracked. They were delighted to get all that fabric, and I am delighted at the prospect of getting new fabric to replace it.

I wish someone in my family shared my love of quilting. Sigh. It would be such fun to talk "fabric" and patterns and quilt together. My girlfriend who quilts hasn't done much of it since she took a full-time job. I miss the fun of working on projects together....and the companionship. I'm thinking I should suggest to Rebecca that she learn to quilt. Maybe she'd really take to it, and I'd have someone to pass all my quilt books/fabric/notions to. Good idea.