Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You try to prepare yourself for what you THINK is going to happen, but all that preparation doesn't count for much when the reality actually appears. We know the economy is in bad shape, and we know it's greatly affecting just about everything, but still..... Hubby got the word today (was it the grapevine or official? I think it's in the grapevine stage) that his employer will be shutting down their operations for the year some time in October. I'm sure it will depend on the weather, but since October weather is anything BUT dependable, I'm guessing it will be sooner than later that they will close their doors for the year. This usually happens two weeks before Christmas and lasts until mid-January. I'm betting it's going to last a lot longer this time.

So now we're faced with a lot of time off....but no money to allow us to do anything fun or creative. He'll receive a decent unemployment that should cover all our monthy expenses except food, and we've put money away all year in preparation. It'll be okay. But it won't be fun.

I've got lots of fabric for quilt sewing...beautiful stuff, and lots of patterns to choose from. Books from the library are free. Rides to the beach, or into the forests that surround us, don't cost much in gas. Michael has a whole month of hunting season that he can enjoy. And a boat for fishing. Maybe I can get him to spread some of that red rock around the flower beds, and paint a wall or two....and make some baseboards. Or put up the ceiling tile in my sewing room, and paint or wallpaper the walls.

Lots of projects.....lots of time. Maybe it'll be more fun than I thought!

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