Saturday, November 29, 2008


Did I say my dress was done? Silly me. I have yet to hem it and put in a few hooks and snaps. While hemming is usually an easy and relaxing task for me, think of all that binding that goes on all those quilts, this dress is a nightmare.
A big, slippery, blue nightmare.

Jeanie pinned it up for me last week. Me standing very straight and tall (well, as tall as I could muster), and trying to show off my very best posture. Per her instructions. "Are you SURE you're standing as tall as you can?" Yes, Ma'am. I took off the dress, stuffed it into my grocery bag and brought it home, where it still remains today.

I'm afraid to take it out of the bag. I'm afraid that when I do, the pins will fall out of that slippery blue satiny fabric, and I won't know where to put that hem. The situation wasn't helped in that we didn't shorten the dress BEFORE pinning it up, so 6" of fabric was lying on the ground and got pinned under. I'm not sure that was the best way to do it.

I intend to make it shorter by a wee bit than what she pinned, for if I slump or look down while wearing that dress, the hem is dragging on the floor. She left me no leeway at all. I don't think that's a good idea. I just know I shall fall flat on my face going up or down those stairs to the stage.

The little girls whose dresses need sewing STILL haven't shown up for their fittings, tho 5 of them are SUPPOSED to be at rehearsal tomorrow.

Two weeks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My dress is done. It fits. I look like a pregnant sausage. But then, we all do (all the ladies in the play, that is). Still, it's a real reality check to take a dress that SHOULD be on Gweneth Paltrow, and make it fit me. Oh my.

I've got the rolls made for Thanksgiving, but haven't even started the Christmas fruitcake. Tomorrow I will make the creamed leeks and the pumpkin pie. And shop for a veggie tray for the FIRST Thanksgiving dinner we go to Thursday.

Friday I will probably start sewing the little girl dresses....there are now 7. But the little darlings have not shown up to have their measurements taken. I say we make a size 10 and if they're too big, tie lots of sashes on them. Sigh. One more thing that is going to put us even farther towards our Dec. 14 play date with lots to be accomplished. And gee, Friday is my day in the office. Huh. I'm getting more behinder as I go!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


November. Almost December. I cannot believe it. I am still stuck in late September...maybe the beginning of October. Never have I felt so out-of-touch with time, and I hate it because that means I have to rush to get things done and I won't be enjoying it at the leisurely pace I usually relish.

NEVER AGREE TO BE IN A PLAY to help out a friend. Ohmygosh. This has turned into WAY more work than I ever anticipated, and I'm starting to resent it. Sigh. We have been working on regency-era dresses for all the ladies in the play for the last 3 weeks. Today I am working on my bodice...putting on the bias tape that will hold the ribbon that makes a drawstring top for the bodice. Then I must handstitch a decorative ribbon over the stitching for the tape. Fortunately (?) for me I am almost done with my dress, for there are 4 little girl dresses waiting to be sewn. And aprons for the servants in the play. And little satin bags for the ladies to carry, and...oh yes, fans. I've bought fabric, shoes, white hose, long gloves, and a shawl. Yes indeed. Waaaaay more than I anticipated.

But, on a good note....I woke up this morning with perfect hair. Yep. Didn't even need to put a comb to it. It looked as nice as if I'd just come from the hairdresser. Amazing. Even after I plucked off my shower cap it still looked good. I must not have moved at all in my sleep, but gee, there aren't even any flat spots. Usually my short hair is spiked up in all sorts of weird ways, so I don't know what to make of this.

I also made the perfect batch of rolls this morning for our Thanksgiving feast. They are absolutely perfect. The best I've ever made, I think, tho Mamie usually has the last word on that.

Perfect hair. Perfect rolls. Maybe my sewing today will be perfect too.