Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I find myself with nothing on my calendar this week. Oh sure, there's work on Friday, but that's all. No doctor or dentist or hair appointments. No special work to do in the church office. No events planned with friends. I HAVE THE WEEK TO MYSELF, and after the busyness of the holidays, it's nice to have nothing I HAVE to do.

I am working on a new quilt. And I'm going to be making quilt tops for a quilt shop in Everett (http://www.quiltersroost.com/). Jodi will back, bind and quilt them, and send them off to an orphanage in Honduras. Right now I'm in the stage of wondering what fabrics I have that might appeal to children. I'm afraid there's not much in that category....my stash is not permeated with bright happy colors. But, I'll come up with something.

And before I forget.......I WON A PRIZE FROM ONE OF MY FAVORITE WEBSITES. Heather Mulder-Peterson from Anka's Treasures http://ankastreasures.wordpress.com/) had a give-away contest and I am one of the two winners. She will be sending me a quilt kit from her newest fabric line, Cottage Charms, AND her newest book, Living Large (patterns requiring fabric with large prints). I am SO EXCITED. I hope it will show up this week. Hurry, Heather!!

If you're a fan of the Food Network, I highly recommend their magazine, aptly named "The Food Network Magazine." There are lots of great recipes and articles. I received my second issue yesterday, and pouring through it is one of my indulgences for today.

The 24th is the scheduled date for the play-planning meeting and buffet dinner at Dick and Jeanie's. Yep, we're starting to plan already. Jeanie is busy adding to the script, and I hear she will have us dancing in the aisles. Michael is more sure than ever that he DOES NOT want to be in this play. I think we can talk him into being the stable master tho. Maybe. Not.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and we have reservations at the Westport Winery for their "A Special Evening, A Special Setting, A Special Someone" dinner. Five courses with a wine pairing for each one, take-home chocolate truffles and a rose, for $90 a couple. Now how can you beat that? I don't think we've ever gone out for Valentine's Day....maybe for a burger at the Crow's Nest so I wouldn't have to cook. But this year VD is on a Saturday....and the deal is way too good to pass up. I'm hoping that they aren't serving full glasses of wine, cuz we're both not up to drinking 5 glasses and then driving home. I'm not even supposed to be drinking wine (with my bladder issues), but if I take all the precautionary meds I can get away with SOME.

The winery has been coming up with all sorts of events since they opened. They are fast becoming the main source of entertainment in this sorry little town. I think next weekend is a scrap booking party...with wine tastings, of course. And they have all sorts of cooking "classes"...where you watch and get to eat the food. There's a big bridal fair next month. And they even have grape stompings...you TOO can be like Lucy.

Stomach growling....must be time for breakfast......



I have a lovely old quilt on my bed that I just love. It's the plate design and it's been repaired once. The girl who did the repair made me lots of extra pieces, just in case, and I noticed the other day that it's time to get them out. The new pieces go over the old as she said that preserved the heritage of the original quilt.
I am waiting for a day with good light and rested eyes.

So a whole new play with all new costumes??

Kathleen said...

Old quilts are definitely to be treasured. I am happy that you were given good advice on how to repair/restore your treasure.

Same play...just expanded...and I'm hoping I will lose weight and not be able to fit into my dress come next December!! Praying that it won't go the OTHER way and be too small. LOL! Either way, I will have an excuse not to be in the play....I shall run away from any attempts to fit me into a new dress!


Now, now Kathleen. That's just not positive at all. After all that work you deserve to wear that dress!