Tuesday, December 16, 2008


After more than a month of sewing dresses, aprons and vests.....after a month of Sunday afternoon play rehearsals....and one on Saturday that made me miss the Light Festival AND a sister's holiday open house....it was show time.

And it snowed. And snowed. Five inches worth. And the temperature plummeted to 25 degrees. And the roads became solid sheets of ice.

And the play had to be cancelled.

I totally enjoyed getting to know the ladies I was working with. There was a real blessing in that.
And there's always next year.



Can't you do it later in the year?

Nothing like reviving the Christmas spirit at an unexpected time.

What a shame after all the hard work.

Kathleen said...

I like your thinking, E! Our Pastor wanted to do it this coming weekend, but since it was the last one before Christmas...and we are supposed to have 4 days of snow next week...we said no.
I bet the community would really be surprised if we had it in March. Or during all the "Christmas in July" sales!


March needs a good night out. I think you should suggest it. All you'd need is a run through to remember your lines.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! That made me laugh! Of course, after all that work it had to be cancelled for some reason.
Count your blessings, we had temps down to 8 and right now I would say we have over 12 inches of snow. And it's still coming down. UNBELIVEABLE!!!
See you after the thaw, if you can't make it up for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I've forgotten to read your blog recently, so was really happy and surprised to see so many! I love them! I must say, I gave a little chuckle after reading that the play was canceled! How ironic. God does have a sense of humor! But, look on the bright side. All the work is done for next year! (unless, of course, the ladies in the play have all gained or lost a lot of weight and the dresses need to be remade!) All that will need to be done is a little relearning of the lines! We all must learn to expect the unexpected and take it in stride, good or bad.