Thursday, November 20, 2008


November. Almost December. I cannot believe it. I am still stuck in late September...maybe the beginning of October. Never have I felt so out-of-touch with time, and I hate it because that means I have to rush to get things done and I won't be enjoying it at the leisurely pace I usually relish.

NEVER AGREE TO BE IN A PLAY to help out a friend. Ohmygosh. This has turned into WAY more work than I ever anticipated, and I'm starting to resent it. Sigh. We have been working on regency-era dresses for all the ladies in the play for the last 3 weeks. Today I am working on my bodice...putting on the bias tape that will hold the ribbon that makes a drawstring top for the bodice. Then I must handstitch a decorative ribbon over the stitching for the tape. Fortunately (?) for me I am almost done with my dress, for there are 4 little girl dresses waiting to be sewn. And aprons for the servants in the play. And little satin bags for the ladies to carry, and...oh yes, fans. I've bought fabric, shoes, white hose, long gloves, and a shawl. Yes indeed. Waaaaay more than I anticipated.

But, on a good note....I woke up this morning with perfect hair. Yep. Didn't even need to put a comb to it. It looked as nice as if I'd just come from the hairdresser. Amazing. Even after I plucked off my shower cap it still looked good. I must not have moved at all in my sleep, but gee, there aren't even any flat spots. Usually my short hair is spiked up in all sorts of weird ways, so I don't know what to make of this.

I also made the perfect batch of rolls this morning for our Thanksgiving feast. They are absolutely perfect. The best I've ever made, I think, tho Mamie usually has the last word on that.

Perfect hair. Perfect rolls. Maybe my sewing today will be perfect too.



Learning lines, sewing costumes and perfect rolls.

I am impressed.

What was/is the play?

Kathleen said...

The play is Dec. we are waaaay behind in getting it together. It's a Regency-era play,Christmas day, written by one of the ladies in our congregation. I have a small speaking roll...thank I guess that's why I get to spend a lot of time sewing costumes (that and I know how to operate a sewing machine! can't believe the number of women my age who have never sewed!)


Or sew so badly that no ones wants to wear what they make.
*grin* That's me!