Thursday, August 7, 2008


When you're young, you never, ever think that you are going to be old. But the days and months and years go by, and one day you wake up and .....YOU'RE OLD. Okay. That day has come. On Sunday I will be 60, and I'm ready to admit that I am no longer young. I hesitated when I turned 50, but now there is no denying that I am over the hill. Headed down the slope to those wonderful golden years. What a scary thought.

I've asked my aging aunties several times in the past if they felt their age, and they would reply, "Physically...yes. But mentally, we feel 35." And that is exactly how I am feeling. 35. So, what kind of a joke is that? I guess we have to be mentally young or we could never cope with the physical things that are happening to us. But it really seems unfair to have a mind so willing, and a body so weak.

I have a happy, joyful attitude, and I expect it will carry me through the next 10 years, at least, with a young spirit. I hate to think that I will end up shriveled and crotchety, sitting in my rocker and trying to thread a needle so I can quilt something (something that will undoubtedly have large, crooked stitches, cuz who in the heck can see to do it even NOW?) and not having a lot of contact with the outside world.

I think that's the key. Keeping people....good people....around you. I am blessed with the greatest husband in the world, AND the greatest family. I've got a few good friends, too, and a wonderful church family. All these things will help, I'm sure, to keep me active and involved and sharing the love. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Sharing the love. Giving of ourselves. Keeps your spirit healthy and happy even if the body starts to fail.

So....happy birthday to me! Hope to see you at the party!


Anonymous said...

You are NOT old!! You are just older than you previously were. There is a difference. I refuse to say I'm old so you must, too, because you are older than I!! tlc

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Sis.