Sunday, August 17, 2008


All those books I've had come in from the library have me reading like crazy. I have managed to read 750 pages of "Pillars of the Earth" in the last four days. Three hundred pages to go. Five more books await....all due back within 2-3 weeks. My eyes hurt.

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Happy Birthday K. Another few years and you'll catch up with me.

Attitude is everything. Your aunt's are right 35 is about where I peg myself most days, as long as I don't look in mirror. I've even learned to forgive my body for getting older and just enjoy what I can do . favourite hobby! I currently have 50 books/DVDs on reserve in my name at the library and a good 30 more in Paul's.

I reserve anything that looks interesting and read the ones that truly capture me. I just hate putting down a good book just because it gets late and have fallen into bed blurry-eyed many times.

Buffalo NY is about an hour away. Detroit Mich. 2, so yes we are close to the USA.

At one time or another every good shopper has border crossed for the bargains. *grin*