Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Last night my husband flew in this itty bitty plane with a friend of his who’d recently gotten his pilot’s license. I was nervous about the whole thing.

The plane was old, with lots of re-built parts. But of course, it was in fine flying condition. Right? And so what if Wayne had only recently gotten his license. He’s taken lots of people up flying, and everyone said he did a fine job. Uh huh.

So I hugged my hubby tight, kissed him hard, told him I loved him, and sent him out the door, wondering if the supper we’d just finished was our last meal together. Okay, so maybe that thought was a little morbid, but hey….I told you I was nervous about the whole thing.

After he’d left I found myself thinking these thoughts: No matter how tightly I hugged him, or how hard I kissed him, or how many times I told him I loved him…..if he didn’t come back, it wouldn’t have been enough. There’s no way it COULD have been. Nothing we do ahead of time could prepare us for the reality of losing someone we love.

He came home in one piece….had a great time….got a little air sick though, and I’m hoping that will discourage him from going again!


strauss said...

Absolutely true. The only thing you can live with, is the now.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean. Everytime Ken went flying, it was the same feelings. He loves it, so I guess that's why it's one of those things you put up with. Maybe since Michael got a little sicky feeling, he won't want to go again. Maybe?

Mountain Dweller said...

Pleased to hear that he made it back ok. I would have been a bag of nerves too..

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say you wondered if the supper you had just finished together was going to end up all over the plane!!

Itchy Bro said...

I got to fly in several 50+ year old aircraft at the flight museum. I was nervous at times but once in the air you are committed to the flight and you enjoy it, especially when you get to take the controls! Did you ever think of me there?

Kathleen said...

Hey...Bro...since when are you on blogger? Not fair! You have to share your site with us!!