Saturday, September 15, 2007


My favorite 12-year-old called me this morning on the way to her soccer game in Tumwater...."Kathy! I saw the Curves sign going up in Montesano!"

We have been keeping a watchful eye out since the rumor started that a Curves would be opening in this little town. Since it's growing by leaps and bounds (the town, that is), it apparently has now been deemed Curves-worthy. HIP, HIP, HOORAH!

I have belonged to Curves in the past. Went for a year and a half until my exercise partner disappeared to Australia for three months, and then I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer...both things adding up to my stopping and not returning. The only thing that returned was the weight and inches that I'd lost. I could have gone back at any time, but I didn't. Another detriment was that it was in downtown Aberdeen, and I'm never in Aberdeen. All my errands are to Montesano. I said if they ever opened one there, I'd be in line on opening day.

It is opening one block east of the post office I frequent, one block west of my bank drive-in, around the corner from my library, one block north of where we get gas, and right next door to Oishi Teriyaki and Subway. The only way it could be better is if there were a fabric store in the same block.

So, once again I will become an exercise junkie. My doctor will be pleased. She says I need to walk....just walk! I'm thinking I will park several blocks from this Curves and get my walk in coming and going.

I can hardly wait.


Mountain Dweller said...

Lucky you! Hope you don't have to wait too long before it opens.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign! I really should get back to Curves also. I don't have anyone to go with since Lois won't go. Will you be going alone? Glad you've made the decision. When is opening day?
Happy Fall! I know how you love it! - tlc

Kathleen said...

pI will be going on my own....sigh. It's so much more fun with a friend! But....I think it's important to do. You KNOW exercise is good for you...and there are so many health issue that it alzheimer's (so they say now)...and if it will help prevent that, I'm all for it! So, sis...take the plunge and go! This new Curves has new rules...or new from when I first signed up. can join a month at a time. It's $44 (!!!) instead of $39 (!!!) if you sign up for a year. What was it a few years ago? $29.85? Maybe they're all like that now. I'm starting a month at a time...just to see if my arthritis screams in protest!

And you're right...I'm so happy that it's fall! Don't we all love it? Someday I'll make it back east...

Elizabeth said...

I was amazed at how more alert I started feeling after joining a ladies gym. I go by myself but have made a wide circle of friends there.

Think on the bright side of going temptation to stop for a lunch out afterwards. *grin*

Just remember to take it easy to start and not strain anything important and HAVE FUN

Kathleen said...

You're right, Elizabeth...I DO look forward to meeting some new gals. And you're right, too, about not going to lunch afterwards! That is a real temptation when you're with a buddy.

Elizabeth said...

Not that going out for lunch with a friend is bad....*smile*

I tend to eat desserts when out, large rich yummy calorie laden cakes. Oh I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Elizabeth said...

Kathleen.....I'm looking towards a holiday in BC next summer with time to travel up and down the west coast hopefully into Washington and Oregon. If you have any ideas of places worth seeing I'd appreciate links or suggestions.

If all goes well we will be staying in a niece's apartment in Victoria for a month and traveling out from there.

It's all in the planning stage but I'm researching anyway. Suitable stuff for a couple in early 60's.


Kathleen said... lovely! My first suggestion would be to wait til August. Our weather can be really "iffy" any other time of the summer. And this summer, August was pretty dreary.
I will put on my thinking cap and send you some links to check out. It's a gorgeous area...I know you'll love it.

the Brave said...

Good on you Kathleen. I am already missing my local curves. I used to be able to walk to my curves too, it was only 15 minutes and added to the work out. I can feel all my good work over the past couple of months coming undone. I have to get out there, now that the initial moving chaos has calmed down, and do somethng.