Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, summer is finally here. Much as I hoped it wouldn't, it has shown up. With a vengeance. I live in Washington State. On the coast. That is supposed to assure me summers of breezy indifference...sometimes warm, lots of cool, pleasant nearly always. Fog in the early mornings. Fog in the evenings to cool down a too-hot day. Well, I'm praying for that evening fog right now. It is 10:30 in the morning, and the temperature is at 82. This is NOT supposed to happen here. I don't have air conditioning. We're not supposed to need anything like that living where I live. But if this "global warming" continues, we will seriously have to consider doing something about it. Like moving to Alaska.

I am not a fan of summer....most of you know that about me. But I will admit to one thing I enjoy that's only available in summer: Summer fruit. Oh, the delights of rainier and Bing cherries! There are tubs of them in my house right now, and we don't even mind the cost for this once-a-year treat. Also on my counter is a honeydew melon....the fragrance wafting through the entire house. At no other time of year can you get them RIPE enough to offer up this aroma. We are also enjoying cantaloupe, chilled from the fridge, cut into tasty little nuggets of goodness. Haven't been brave enough to try a watermelon yet....they don't offer up a telltale scent of ripeness like the other melons, and so we'll hold off a bit before buying one.

Soon the blueberries will be ripe. Nothing like gathering a bowlful for breakfast each morning, to eat plain or on top of your Fiber One. They are SO GOOD....and so good for you (just ask Cole). We have three pretty good sized plants, and three baby ones that the deer (for some reason or another) have left alone this growing season. We are thinking of putting our weedy garden space into blueberry plants, but would like to acquire larger ones instead of this gallon-sized version that takes years to produce enough fruit to notice.

Hey...I detect a breeze outside. That's a good sign. Maybe it won't get to the 95 degrees that they are threatening us with today.

One can hope.

P.S. At 3:00...it's 95 out. I got a new dress delivered by mail. I had to let it cool off before I could try it on....the fabric was HOT! Poor mailman!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE summer. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!
How can we be sisters? Yes I have air conditioning, but I love to be out in the warm. Just get air conditioning, and you can love it too. All the beautiful sunshine and pretty brightness it brings. Just had my windows washed, so let the sun shine in!!

We had some watermelon, it was really good. A lot better then last year. We went to Chelan over the 4th and stopped along the way and got some "just picked cherries". YUMMMMM!

How's the dress fit?

strauss said...

I guess I won't be seeing you in Adelaide anytime soon then - sigh!
I am enojying the BC summers - perfect. I have never been a fan of the Adealide summers - way too hot. But yes, the fruit is something of a gift, raspberries, necterines, grapes...yum.
We planted a raspberry last summer and it has bore fruit this year, but the dog seems to be enjoying eating them as much as us, and we haven't had a look in as yet - typical.

Kathleen said...

Well, sis, I think I'd enjoy summer a lot more if I HAD air conditioning...a cool room to sleep in would make it much more bearable for me. To get air conditioning, I'd have to get a new house. We don't have the duct work in place to add air. I'm just grateful it only lasts for a wee bit around here!!
The dress fit....it is sleeveless, so I'm taking a real step forward in showing off those horrid arms!! But the dress is light and cool, and I need something for that August anniversary party we'll go to. It's a pretty dress...a beige background, with a batik print of inky blue flowers, and a pretty border at the hem.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the essential nature of a place and how it affects us. Your area does sound lovely in a peaceful way. Without the extreme heat, of course.