Friday, June 15, 2007


The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week: Eccentricity.
Wikkipedia defines eccentricity as odd or unusual behavior, as opposed to being normal. I'm not sure I have any eccentric behaviors. Well....not many. Let's see.

I have to have my rug vacuumed in one drives me crazy otherwise. But Michael says that's normal. I USED to insist on vacuuming before bed...I couldn't rest easy if my floors looked "messed up." Now THAT might be eccentric. But I no longer do that.

The last thing I have to do before getting in bed is....pee. If I pee, and then head to the kitchen for water, or close the dining room blinds, I have to go back and pee again. Even if it's only been 2 minutes. It has to be the last...very last...thing I do. So okay...that's odd. I guess.

I'm thinking, but I'm not coming up with anything. I asked Michael, but he says I'm the most normal person he's ever met. Hmmm. I'm reading that as "boring." Maybe I should work on that. I think a little eccentricity would be nice.

I wonder if I'm just too close to the subject to be objective. After all, we are often blind to our own "faults"...and maybe some of you out there could give me a long list of my weird behaviors. If so, please share!


strauss said...

I think it is even more affronting when others tell you something you do is a bit off beat. Something that previously seemed totally normal and rational, is suddenly deemed odd by another, well it kind of stop one in ones tracks.
Next week for SS, add your link to the SS comments section, then SS readers adn writers can link to your site.

Elizabeth said...

Me too. I can pee, wash my hands, go put on my nightie and still wander back into the for that last one.

I try and avoid my vac. as much as possible. I consider it's lack of use the reason it has lasted so long.

Thanks for visiting my blog. *smile*

Anonymous said...