Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Just saw an ad for a new Paul McCartney CD...."Memory Almost Full." Doesn't that title make you smile?

Think about it....a memory all filled up with.....memories. How amazing is our brain. To think that something you can hold in your hand could contain all the memories of a lifetime. A LIFETIME. Sure, we may not remember all of them....not easily. But aren't you constantly surprised at how a photograph...a scent...a conversation....can bring to life memories that you'd "forgotten"? Without warning, something from the past is as clear and remembered as if it were yesterday. Called from it's little section of a brain cell to the forefront of one's "memory."

I often think about having Alzheimer's. I guess my father had it...happening late in his life. I wonder if it will happen to me. What it will do to my memories. It's so sad to think that so many of the memories I take such joy in, would be gone from me. From what I understand, long-ago memories may be more easily recalled than something current. So while I might remember my first date, I may not remember my husband's face. Since I won't remember, I guess it will be harder for him. What a disgusting disease!!

I don't dwell on it. What will happen, will happen. I'm not interested in having my brain scanned to see if the potential is there. I don't want to know. They "say" they may be close to finding a cure. I hope so.

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strauss said...

Yes the brain is a wonderful thing. I think it is scent memories that excite me the most, they occur in the most surprising and unexpected places alot of the time. Sun ripe tomatoes and Morten Bay Fig Trees remind me of my Grans house my the beach, while Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel reminds me of the B&B I stayed in Paris.
I too worry about Alzeimers, Ashley's Grandma had it, but will never get a scan - I don't want to know either. I really do hope they find a cure soon, it is such a heartbreaking disease.