Saturday, July 18, 2009


My black and white project is done. Turned out nice. I think my niece is going to like it.
The black, red, and white quilt is coming along nicely. All the blocks are done, squared up, and ready to put together. I'm worried tho. I did the binding by hand on the pictured item here, and it had my arthritis screaming at me before I was done. How am I ever going to hand-quilt an entire quilt? This could be a problem.
I still haven't started on a new baby quilt, but I have picked out the fabric and pattern. Going to be soooo much better.



How about doing some of the work by hand, perhaps the centre portion and then have the rest done by machine.

The heart of the piece will be all you.

Love the black and white.

Kathleen said...

That's a lovely idea....I just might do that!
Glad you like the black and white. My niece is going off to college and my sister found this table runner kit at a quilt store and asked me to put it together for her. Becky loves black and white...and pink....but none to be found here!


How are things coming along?

Kathleen said...

Well...I've almost finished the top of the red, black, and white quilt...yay! I'll be posting a photo for you soon. I've yet to begin again on the baby quilt, so that will be started any day now..maybe this week if I remember!!!