Friday, March 6, 2009


Our sofa has seen better days. Remember when those large plaids were all the rage? Ours is burgundy, hunter green and cream plaid. A really very nice Pennsylvania House sofa. Old enough that it was a piece of PH furniture made in the USA and worth the price, compared to now, when it is made in China. But, after 15 years, the fabric has worn through on the corners of the seat cushions, and since I am embarrassed to have people see it in such sad state, we went shopping for a new sofa.

I think we've hit every store in town, and one in Olympia, but haven't had a whole lot of success. I'm not a fan of big, overstuffed sofas and chairs, and that is what we're seeing. And the fabrics are cheap and shabby. Of course, this is not a town of high-end stores, so we will probably have to change where we're looking. Still, it is depressing to see the kind of stuff that is on the market today. I suppose they are relatively cheap in price for what you get....some were as low as $700. We got our present sofa for $2,200.....half price....and have enjoyed it a long time.

We've thought about leather, but it's never really been on our radar. It's cold....and don't you stick to it when you're bare legged? I spent a night on a leather couch once, and never got warm because it just didn't "warm up." So I've not considered it in the past, tho we might now. (Maybe it would be just the thing to sleep on on those hot summer nights......)

Hubby suggested we get the old sofa reupholstered. That might be a plan. It's sooooo comfortable, and the perfect size. I just can't imagine how long it would take to get it back, and we'd have very limited seating while we waited. might be an idea. I wonder if they have loaner sofas while you wait?



We've had our couch reupholstered twice now. We love the shape and size and seeing as it's made with real! wood the frame is solid.

I've been told you can get them reshaped as well.

The cost worked out about the same as buying a less sturdy new one.

We sat on dining room chairs while it was being done.

Kathleen said...

That's good to know, Elizabeth...maybe we'll give it a try. It's certainly one way of getting just what you want!


Lots of fun taking material samples home.

Biggest problem is when you get the bug to change more.