Friday, February 1, 2008


Whoever said Sheryl Crow could sing? There's the most horrendous screeching coming from my TV this morning.

I'm on a rush to get to the church this morning....get the bulletin out, and the new budget proposal into everyone's mail slot. I worked 3 hours on this LAST Friday....2.5 hours Wednesday night, 3 hours yesterday, and more to do today. They keep changing things. Teri says I should be paid. I'm thinking maybe she's right. This "volunteer to do the bulletin" has mushroomed to where I am the heir-apparent to the treasurer/secretary job at the end of 2008. If I didn't love the work so much, I would probably complain.

I apologize for not posting anything lately. I look at the keyboard and find absolutely nothing to say. Maybe it's cause lately there are just figures dancing in my brain, instead of words.


The Brave said...

I 've missed you Kathleen, and I sure know that distracted feeling (I am not a Sheryl fan either).
Glad you are enjoying your volunteer job - do say ENOUGH when it gets too overwhelming though.


You could just pop in and say hello or give the weather report.
I keep checking and today ... here you are.

Anonymous said...

Now you understand my world!! I wake up at 3 a.m. wondering about grants, budgets, and can't wait to get to work to get it done so I can sleep at night!!! It's crazy! I'm still waiting for my Christmas tree story!!!