Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Welcome to Cabela's....and thank you. Thank you for your part in making this store a reality!" We were greeted by half a dozen or more smiling employees, shaking our hands, thanking us for building their store, and asking what part we played in the process. They accompanied us through the entrance, asking where we'd like to go first, and pointing the way to the different areas of the store.....camping, fishing, marine, home, and of course, archery, hunting, and "camo." Needless to say, my husband is in 7th heaven. Is there a higher one than that? If so, he's there.

It was "Contractor" night...a chance for those who'd built the building to go in and shop, at a discount, with their families before the store opened to the general public this weekend. The parking lot was full, and parts of the store were really crowded, but it was really an enjoyable experience. No where have we ever encountered such smiling, helpful employees. They were out en masse and were more than eager to answer your questions, find the product you were after, and quickly made dozens of trips to the cashier center to see what kind of discount was being offered on different items. They certainly earned their money last night, and I can only wonder if they will still be smiling by the time Christmas is over! (Of course, my family knows that whoever has Michael's name for Christmas, they need look no further than the check-out counter at Cabela's...where the gift cards are...for his gift.)

We spent three hours in the store, and if we'd been able to get into the restaurant there, we'd have stayed til they closed. As it was, the place was packed to the rafters with hungry shoppers, and so we went elsewhere. We will be back, tho, for the restaurant serves wild game, and I'm told they have lots of varieties to try. There is also chicken and hot dogs for the not so adventurous.

Needless to say, I don't need to do any (more) Christmas shopping for my hubby this year. He's done it all himself....hurrah! But I'll probably sneak a new sweater in. What's Christmas without a new sweater?


Mountain Dweller said...

I don't know Cabela's but it certainly sounds like a shop that my husband would be interested in. Hope those employees are still smiling next time you go back!

Kathleen said...

Cabela's is the "world's largest outdoor outfitter." They are located in much of the USA...."our" store is the first on the west coast. They are available at if you can't get there in person! :-)